I can’t emphasize enough how the awareness of the harmful substances we expose ourselves to daily, and of the vital role our skin plays in our body’s functioning are key factors to maximizing the health and beauty of ourselves and of our loved ones. Though health plays a tremendous role in a glowing complexion, I further believe beauty is accomplished by embracing what is truly important in life, caring for our personal well-being while simultaneously considering environmental health. Sage was created upon these principles. It is a reflection of everything I am passionate about and represents my longing to nurture, share, and learn.  I am almost like a skin chef around here.  I incorporate fresh ingredients (honey, teas, yogurt, cucumber, aloe, etc) in my facials, daily preparing— literally— a nutritious “meal for your face”.  Like Dr. Alkaitis says: “If you can’t eat it, don’t put it on your skin”

- Amber Zoellner
Founder of Sage Organic Skincare